About Us


The Launch Leadership Foundation exists solely to serve the needs of the Launch Volunteer Staff. The Foundation’s primary responsibility is to collect and manage financial funds beyond the day-to-day operations of the Staff. Examples of support could include:

  1. Setting up and managing the scholarship funds for constituents to participate in services provided by the Launch Volunteer Staff, including the current Jerad Manzer Scholarship and need-based scholarships for Workshops and Year-Round Services. They should work to create other scholarships such as one Workshop scholarship for every school in the state.
  2. Endowing a paid Executive Director position and providing stipends for other directors.
  3. Manage the Charlotte Sylvia Memorial Fund that supports staff development and recognition activities of the Staff.
  4. Provide economic assistance for new educational programs the Staff wants to offer.
  5. Provide economic assistance for capital expenditures of the Launch Volunteer Staff.

The Foundation Board will set financial goals to meet the needs of the Staff’s strategic goals. While the Foundation Board may negotiate the strategic goals based on financial goals, they will not formally set strategic goals for Staff. Projects will be evaluated and funds distributed through a regular grant process.

The Foundation will allow the Launch Board to focus on future vision, Directors and Staff to focus on the day-to-day operations of the organization and the core mission of providing leadership opportunities to the students.

To learn more about the Foundation's mission, goals, success stories and how you can help, download our informational brochure.